Thursday, June 12, 2008

Since We've Been Gone

Well, we're back after almost a month of not having the internet at home! After battling with AT&T since May 16th to have our service re-installed, it took just one call yesterday to RCN and they were out this morning at 9 am to give us new service. I don't know why I waited this long to give AT&T the big heave-ho!

So. Since May 16th, here's what's been going on:

Braden started tee ball : I'd say he is getting the hang of the game. Still, whenever the opposing team hits the ball, all the kids run to get the ball every time. Unless they're picking dandelions. Or watching their shadows on the ground. Or kicking rocks in the infield.

He graduated from preschool:

Here you see Braden and his teachers Mary Catherine, Irene and Katie during the "send off" ceremony. They gave each child a keepsake book with some of their own work inside. So sweet.

The next week, Roger and Braden hopped a plane to Louisiana. Roger's friend Wesley got married, and he was in the wedding. So Braden tagged along to spend time with his Grandy and Pappaw. The poor thing was sick the whole time they were there with an upper respiratory infection, an ear infection and and eye infection.

While they were away, I took Madeline in for her SIX MONTH check-up! She's a very healthy 15 lbs. 3 oz. At the time of her appointment, she had a little cold, but within 2 days, she had all of Braden's junk too! Now they are both on antibiotics and recovering well. If only I had been able to avoid getting it before they were no longer contagious...

Last, but not least, we have had a birthday! Roger turned the BIG 3-0!!!!