Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kids these days

Braden started Kindergarten last week! It's been hard on him (and me) but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will someday learn to enjoy it. Below is a piture of him outside his new school. He is attending Walt Disney Magnet School.
Hopefully I'll remember to take a better picture this afternoon. It's a beautiful day.

When I was in Kindergarten, I didn't know what a computer really was. I had a Fisher Price record player, maybe a few cassette tapes. By 5th grade, our library had just a handful of computers for us to share, mainly to play Oregon Trail. Typing was a school subject in middle school, but we typed on actual typwriters, not computers. (Braden saw a picture of a typewriter the other day and asked me what it was. After I explained, he said, "Oh! Like a little computer!")

BOTH of my children are already more technologically advanced than I was in middle school. Here is the evidence:

Braden on the internet, probably Playhouse Disney:Madeline on her computer. She prefers the family laptop, but she'll settle for most anything with a keyboard and screen.Braden listening to my iPod, no help required:Madeline is pretty quick when it comes to problem solving, too. See below? It didn't take her long to figure out that if she dumps the whole bin of toys over, she can reach all of them!

But, of course, she still chews on toes. Even if they're not her own:

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mkburcham said...

I cannot believe that Braden started Kindergarten! Wow,time flies! I am sure he will will you! I enjoyed your post and almost had forgotten myself that I haven't always had a computer-I remember typing on a typewriter in Middle School as a kids must think we are ancient! Glad all is well, we all need to plan a trip to see each other..we miss you guys!