Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, everybody!

We have had a nice Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny was good to Braden and Madeline, we worshipped with our Lakeview family (and missed those of you who were elsewhere this year), and even enjoyed an Easter egg hunt after church...

...INDOORS. And here's why:
Above you see Braden, our building and our car on Saturday morning. That's what Good Friday brought us! So the church auditorium had to make do for the egg hunt. We couldn't have all the new dress shoes soaked by the inches of snow still on the ground!

Not exactly the kind of Easter Roger and I remember from our childoods in the South (where there was rarely a need for a light sweater, much less snow boots), but lunch at Cozy Noodles almost made up for it!


mkburcham said...

Oh, good ol' Illinois!! With it being so early this year, I am not suprised there was snow..I remember a lot of cold Easter's growing up in Illinois. At least you made the best of it! We had snow too-but the good thing about Colorado--it melted by mid day!! We can't wait to see you all--such a good looking family in the pic! I will keep you posted on everything! Love you all

HTE said...

Love the family picture! Sorry I missed seeing you in person Sunday. We loved the snowy easter too and will have egg hunt in the snow pics on our blog soon!

Mom and Dad said...

Love your pictures. It was chilly here but not snowy. We are glad yall have the blog so we can get our Braden and Maddie fix. Of course daddy and I like to see pictures of you too. We will write again soon.
Love ya,
Mom, Dad, and Seth

xKryptonian said...

Whats all the white stuff on the ground and all over your cars... how inconvenient! :-P

Ha Ha... we dont get that here in the sunny SoCal!

Nice to see pics of the family.