Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gallery Opening

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the opening of a very impressive art exhibit!

Braden's preschool class, the Blue Room, invited parents to come see what they've been learning about over the past week. The teachers have been very busy teaching our kids about individual artists and how their styles are so different from each other. Each child got to try making a masterpiece in each style, and they created a "gallery" for each one.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our child, given a "ticket" to the exhibit along with a list of rules about how to behave in a museum, and offered grape juice and cheese. We were then guided by our child to each gallery to oooh and aaah over all the different interpretations. It was adorable. They were all so proud of their work, and so eager to impress the moms.

Here are some highlights:



The B.R. Museum wasn't the only major event yesterday - it was just the most fun. We also spent the morning enrolling Braden in the Walt Disney Magnet School for kindergarten in the fall, and after I dropped Braden off at school I had to take Madeline for her 4 month checkup, where she was traumatized by 5 (FIVE) immunizations! (Thankfully, one was oral, but still!) Needless to say, the afternoon was a little rough.

It is a very dreary day today - cold and rainy - so unfortunately Braden will be missing t-ball again (last week it was cancelled for unknown reasons), which means he'll have cabin fever all day. Oh - and Roger is out of town till Tuesday.

Wish me luck!


Cheryl said...

I love the art pieces! What a creative activity for Braden's preschool to put together. Hope sunshine & warm weather comes soon so you all can get outside. There is still snow on the ground here....

Rachel Anderson said...

They're both getting so old!!! I can't believe Braden is going to kindergarten soon! post an updated picture of maddie please! I'll have to come visit soon!

Julie said...

So fun and cute Heather!