Saturday, February 9, 2008

Braden's First Ski Trip - Devils Head, WI - Jan. 2008

Braden and I made a drive up to Devils Head, WI in Jan 2008 for his first ski trip. We met up with our friends, the San Juan's and their son Ryan, so that he and Braden could both experience their first time skiing together. It was great. Both did very well and should be eclipsing their parents skill levels in no time.
We all picked a great weekend to go weatherwise. The high temp for the days we were skiing was around 0-5 degrees with some nice wind blowing. Despite the cold, we braved the elements and had a great weekend together. Both of us are eager to make another trip!
Braden and Dad getting ready to hit the slopes.

Braden at the end of a solo run down the 'Bunny Hill' - That's right solo. He did not fall once on his trip down. I was actually running behind him, but he started going so fast I could not catch him and had to meet him at the bottom of the hill.

Another 'action shot' of Braden

Braden and Ryan back in the lodge after a couple of runs.


HTE said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Looks like the ski-trip was alot of fun.

Julie said...

That is so incredibly cute and fun! We can't wait to take Ethan.