Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monster Jam

Braden and I both had our first experience at a 'Monster Truck' rally this Saturday at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. 'Monster Jam' was very loud and entertaining and we both had a great time.
After seeing the trucks crush a couple of cars, Braden decided he wanted to become a 'Monster Truck' driver. Understandable. Who wouldn't want to crush cars in an enormous truck for a living. I can definitely see the appeal.

Braden's favorite truck was also the crowd favorite, Grave Digger. It was definitely the coolest looking truck in the show. He also liked the Donkey Kong and Taz trucks (they were pretty cool too).
Couple of pics of Grave Digger for you fans out there (you know who you are - Uncle Philip).

Braden recreating the 'Monster Jam' in our living room.


BWoolford said...

Hi my name is Bill. Nice family. That's all I got.

Rachel said...

Too cute! Looks like u had so much fun!I miss u guys so much! Maddie is precious! Can't wait to see u @ the beach Heather!! Love, Christy Holstein

mkburcham said...

Braden looks so much like Roger in that pic! Wow! Sounds like they had a good day together!!