Saturday, February 9, 2008

How's It Going?

Lately, whenever someone starts a conversation with me, they lead with, "How's it going with Madeline?" Here's the short answer:

For the first several weeks, most of our day was spent like this:

But lately, each day has a little more of this:

Not a great picture, I know, but you get the point!
Yesterday we had Madeline's 2-month check up. She now weighs 11 lbs. and is 23 1/4 in. long. A very healthy girl! The shirt from the top picture (taken in December) will be too small in a couple of weeks! Her personality is showing more, she's smiling at us and cooing, and yes, her hair is looking more red every day! We'll see how it ends up when it starts filling in!

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Jules said...

Hi Hales! Welcome to the blog world. It's such a nice way of keeping up. Madeline is beautiful! Miss you guys.